Time Out for Art: Tree Surgeons

We had tree surgeons from Expert Tree Removal here this past week.  They were cleaning up the “widow makers” or “hangers” as they called the large limbs of trees that had broken off but not fallen due to a storm earlier in the summer.  I took time out to watch them and drew this picture.

Tree Limb Removal, pen and ink with watercolor, 9" x 12"
Tree Limb Removal, pen and ink with watercolor wash, 9″ x 12″

I don’t remember being fascinated with machinery as a child.  I think my interest started when my sons were young and they liked to look at all the trucks and machines that we passed while driving.  Now, in addition to being distracted by the noise of the chipper and the chain saws, I felt compelled to watch as they lopped off branches and large sections of the trunk, calculating and making them fall between pilings, without hitting the electric light fixtures that were there.

The men liked this drawing and insisted that I show it to their boss when he returned later in the day.

9 thoughts on “Time Out for Art: Tree Surgeons

    • I missed sketching them pulling down the tall stub of the trunk. We’d had a little rain, not enough for them to stop working, but enough to start getting my sketchbook too wet, so I’d taken my drawing kit inside. I guess I should work on my visual memory so that I could recall those fleeting scenes later.

      • visual memory: that term gave me a flashback.. long ago i saw a handsome whitetailed buck in the afternoon woods. it was scared to move (or was wise not to move) and we stood there staring at each other for at least five minutes. when i returned home, i sketched it almost verbatim, as it was burned to memory!

  1. My husband is a forester and has felled many a tree. The ones that get hung up, when it’s in the forest, they just leave to decompose and make nutrients for the next trees. They call them “widda-makers” though, here in the Deep South. 😉

  2. love it that your garden is getting more sun and that you have enough wood to build an “igloo” this winter. 🙂

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