Autumn in the Mountains

My husband and I recently drove across the United States and back again.  The motivation for the trip was delivery of an antique grandfather clock (circa 1790) that has been in my husband’s family since about 1940.  We felt that the time was right for it to become part of our son and daughter-in-law’s abode.  So we drove across the northern part of the country in mid-October, as the leaf color was at its peak.  We stopped at several places for me to sketch along the way, but most of my journal from the trip is something that I sketched while we were in motion, or a scene that I put down after my turn driving was over.  So the following scene is not a specific place, but more of a compilation of several places I saw along the way.

Autumn in the Mountains, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Autumn in the Mountains, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

10 thoughts on “Autumn in the Mountains

    • Yes, I was amazed this year to notice a pinky-red orange in a lot of trees. I don’t know if it was new this year of if I just haven’t noticed it before.

      • In the bush our gumtrees don’t change colour, but remain grey green all year around. Where I live in the southern part, our summers are hot and very dry so all the grass in the paddocks goes brown, so when the autumn rains arrive it greens the landscape again. So the main transformation in autumn is going from dry brown gold to green, just the opposite to you, now I think about it.

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