Rota, Spain has beautiful promenades along the beachfront.  All during the day, but especially in the evening, people walk, run, and bike along wide, clean, beautifully paved and landscaped paths that stretch for about a mile in either direction from the center of town.

The Beach at Rota, watercolor, 5" x 13"

The Beach at Rota, watercolor, 5″ x 13″

We were there in the beginning of spring, enjoying the warm weather and clear blue skies.  I told my husband on our next-to-last evening there that I wanted the next day to take off my shoes and socks and stick my toes in the eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  However, our last day dawned cool and overcast, and as the morning progressed, a fog rolled in.  I decided to keep on my shoes and socks and dabble my toes in the water the next time we go to Rota.