Mercato Publico, Rota, Spain

Mercato Publico (Rota, Spain), watercolor, 10" x 8"
Mercato Publico (Rota, Spain), watercolor, 10″ x 8″

The tiled dome of this tower made me expect a church, and the inside of the building next to it looks like a cloister, but the sign over the door is “Mercato Publico.”  Inside is a market: stalls for butchers, artisan breads, fish, and other foods.  I chose a vantage point from which I could see the bell tower and sit in the little shade provided by a wall in the courtyard.  My husband went inside and found a seat, a cup of coffee, and an internet connection in a cafe while he waited for me.

12 thoughts on “Mercato Publico, Rota, Spain

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Martha. I darkened the shadows a little after I got back to the studio, but going darker still would make the sunshine seem brighter.

    • Thanks, Karen. It was a quiet time of day – before lunch when everyone was preparing and the children were still at school. Not many people were in the cafes or walking on the streets.

  1. Isn’t it interesting how a painting can record the history of the day and the artist can recall those details later. you’ll always look at that painting and remember the weather, where you sat, and how your husband patiently waited while enjoying the coffee. He will also see the painting and remember details of the person who served him, and your conversations….

  2. Ruth.
    I just did a yahoo search for “mercato publico, rota spain” and you, Ruth (your page, here) YOU were the top hit, the first, the numero uno search return!
    That is pretty exciting, to me…

  3. Took me awhile to get your meaning, there. I was thinking about how many different idioms there are in Spain, beside just pure Spanish. In Spanish, the word for “market” is “mercado”. When I first read your post, I was wondering which of the many other languages that exist in Spain that “mercato” came from. Especially since “idioma” is used for “language” in Mexico, far more often than “lengua” is, since they use that word more, to mean the actual tongue portion of the mouth.

    I figured out your meaning though. 😉

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