Cherry Blossoms! or It’s Spring in Washington, D.C.

"When George Washington was your age...", watercolor, 14" x 10"
“When George Washington was your age…”, watercolor, 14″ x 10″

While crocus and daffodils are early blooming flowers, I have seen them covered with snow, making them unreliable harbingers of spring.  But cherry blossoms come a little later and usually wait for reliably warmer weather!

The cherry trees around the tidal basin in Washington, D.C., reached peak bloom last Friday.  I had visited the area on Monday, when most of the trees were still sporting buds.  I stopped and sketched a tree, and while I was sketching a family walked by. The knots, lumps, deep crevice, and pronounced slant all made this an ideal climbing tree, and up scampered the little boy.

I came home and imagined what it would have looked like had the tree been in bloom.

What event signals the beginning of spring to you?

12 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms! or It’s Spring in Washington, D.C.

  1. Beautiful painting Ruth, the child in the tree is delightful. Here in Australia it is the wattle (mimosa) flowers that herald spring for us. There bright little yellow balls of fluff are just the image of spring for me. Karen

  2. Ruth, I think fruit trees have some of the most interesting trunks of them all. This one is no exception.

    For me, Spring is when the redbud trees begin to swell their buds.

  3. Here in Sweden the snow drop, a small white flower has bloomed and is their sign, but I have also seen purple crocuses here, which is my sign…from New England, 🙂

  4. For me, in SW Ohio, it is the arrival of the turkey vultures. They disappear just before the winter really kicks in and show up again just as the weather becomes consistently spring-like.

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