A Sprig of Ivy

A Sprig of Ivy, watercolor, 5" x 7"
A Sprig of Ivy, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

This watercolor painting of ivy was done by wetting the entire sheet of paper and then dropping in yellow.  While the yellow was still wet, I dropped in some greens, thinking about the shapes of leaves, but not painting them directly.  When the paper was completely dry, I went back into the soft shapes and “found” the leaves that had been suggested by the paint.  Weaving the branch and stems through the leaves was the last step in making “A Sprig of Ivy.”

And now that I have finished painting it, my husband can fulfill his original plan and put this ivy in the ground!

7 thoughts on “A Sprig of Ivy

  1. Oh, this is lovely!

    I’m not an artist — or even just a painter — and I know I never will be — but some time ago, I watched so many artists videos that I fell in love with the peace that painting seems to generate — especially with watercolors. So I bought a video and watched more hours and hours of instruction, and then I went out and bought the heavy-duty paper, a couple of canvases, and the tubes of watercolor. I’m trying to dabble just for my own peaceful enjoyment. Thank you for giving us the details of what you did for this picture. I may just give it a try. Mine won’t match yours, of course, but I at least have a plan to work with, and trying to bring it to life is exciting for me.

  2. So… how is your ivy doing that your hubby planted? I heard about the fate of the Gerber Daisy – good thing you captured it in paint. I really love your process for painting this and going with the suggested shapes.

    • The ivy is still sitting on the window sill waiting to be transported to its new home, and I’m being careful not to water it or pay it too much attention. I used to wonder what an artist meant when he or she said something about “letting the painting paint itself,” but then I learned about putting down suggested shapes and “finding” just enough of them so the viewer gets involved in finding others.

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