Pretty in Pink, watercolor, 13" x 5"

Pretty in Pink, watercolor, 13″ x 5″

I was teaching my students about making a line of watercolor and then using clear water to soften out one side of the line until it becomes a hard edge on one side and a soft shape on the other.  This carnation’s frilly petals provided a good subject for using this technique.

I painted the general shape of the flower with a light value of pink and let it dry.  Then I went back in and “found” the places where petals overlapped.  Which side became darker was a matter for observation, as sometimes it was the petal in front and sometimes the one in the back.

I received this flower for Mother’s Day, but like all things that come into the house, it was fair game for “posing” in my studio!  I sent my mother pajamas for Mother’s Day, and she looks pretty in pink, too!