A Day at the Beach

Summer is waning in the northern hemisphere, and the kids have gone back to school, but since my husband is retired and, if I paint on location I can call this a business trip (smile), we set off for the beach.

A Day at the Beach, watercolor, 5
A Day at the Beach, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

I didn’t paint at the beach because as soon as we got there, the biting flies treated me like fast food!  Only if I stood halfway up to my knees in the water did they leave me alone.  (It was not fun!)  And since painting with watercolor means I need either a table, or an easel, to put something on the ground, or a third hand, I didn’t paint standing in the wave zone.  We both took lots of pictures and I put this scene together in my studio.

3 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach

  1. This is a beautiful painting. I am so impressed with the treatment of water, even the glistening wet sand after the water retreats and the shadow under the waves…and you captured the texture of the sand!

  2. Hi I just came across your lovely Blog and watercolors! I am an artist designer and I create unique jewelry inspired by nature. I express my art in many ways I do watercolor painting, illustrations, Photography, Digital Art and more…I just follow you it would be lovely if you visit me too! 🙂

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