Autumn Treasurers

More little paintings, these featuring an autumn theme.

Fallen, watercolor, 3" x 3"
Fallen, watercolor, 3″ x 3″

Every autumn I am enchanted by the color in the leaves, the reds of the maples, the golds and browns of the oaks, and the bright yellows of aspen.  I had painted this small picture by tracing around the leaf and painting a light value of red paint inside the shape and a contrasting mixture outside the shape, when I was intrigued by the idea of putting paint directly on the leaf and printing it onto the paper inside the shape I had drawn.  I liked the results enough that I had to try it again, this time on canvas:

A Fingerprint of Autumn, watercolor on canvas, 4" x 4"
A Fingerprint of Autumn, watercolor on canvas, 4″ x 4″

And then I had to step back from the close ups of autumn to see the splendor of the big picture in this little picture:

Mountain View, watercolor, 3" x 4"
Mountain View, watercolor, 3″ x 4″

5 thoughts on “Autumn Treasurers

    • I’m looking forward to all the color here, just like you are. But I got excited and decided to use green leaves plucked off the trees to make these fall ones. ; )

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