All the wonderful colors of autumn are coming.  We see hints of them in some trees, and due to our recent drought, many leaves are falling off the trees, but there is still a lot of green chlorophyll in our area.  Except in my art studio!

These trees are made by splattering different hues of watercolor onto the paper or canvas.  Enough water is sprayed on the surface to let the colors start to run together.  After that dries, I add the trunk of the tree, placing it behind the lighter leaf shapes of color and through the darker shapes and the holes for the birds to fly through.  Branches are woven into the tree the same way, trying to make sure that they all connect logically and get smaller as they get further from the trunk. Sometimes I splatter again at the end to give it more texture.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your walk through my trees.  I’m thankful that I won’t have to rake the leaves!