Still Feeling Crabby?

On one of our extended trips this past summer, we pulled into a marina at Knapps Narrows to re-provision the boat.  As we were getting started again the next morning, I looked across the creek to one of the warehouses where watermen sell their crabs.  A young man was working, stacking the crab baskets and lids, helping to tie up the boats as they came alongside, and loading baskets.  I was intrigued by the strong sunlight and shadow shapes.  By the time I went below decks to get my camera and returned, the young man had finished and gone inside.  However, I took a couple of pictures of the building, docks, baskets, and other boats in the area and put them together in this watercolor.

Beats a Day at the Office, watercolor, 10" x 14"
Beats a Day at the Office, watercolor, 10″ x 14″

8 thoughts on “Still Feeling Crabby?

  1. A great one! But now I am full of questions, again! First: What is the purpose of what seems to be a ramp leading down to the surface of the water? 🙂
    Also, the building seems to be made of boards, but not on the sunny wall…what is it made of and why? Ha. As if you might grasp the architecture someone may merely have thrown together. 😀

    • Maybe if I had shown the building as beginning to fall apart it would have better conveyed the idea of being thrown together of odd materials. There is an old ramp going down to the water (or was that part of a dock that collapsed?) and the place was overgrown with tall reeds and sedges where they weren’t actually doing work. We didn’t go over to investigate what was what.. Again, a more run-down look might have answered the question. Thanks for your curiosity!

    • My original drawing had the figure in front of the door, not the doorway. Hurray for value sketches! It showed me that this was going to be more effective. Thanks for noticing.

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