What Would You Do?

When a long-time friend helped start the New Score Chamber Orchestra, I was privileged to provide the cover art for their programs, a collaboration that has continued for several years now (see Summer Nights Passing and Brand New Score ).

As a fundraiser, the orchestra has purchased several violins and has asked several artists to each turn one into a piece of art to be auctioned off.  So I have this “canvas” in my studio, waiting for its alter ego to appear:


What would you do?  How would you repurpose this falling apart instrument as a piece of art?


3 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. hi ruth
    so sorry it’s been so long, though living in the cloud forest is a definite positive time in my life. i miss the contact w/kindred spirits, hwever. it’s great to see your post and know you’re making positive differences, even when challenged with requests for a new style of art!

    an artist painted a ”boring’ white guitar with a beautiful motif of patterns.. i cannot remember exactly what it was, if it was to resemble inlaid wood atterns or stones, but it was a semi-mosaic pattern and was stunning. when the musical group took a break, i asked about the uniqe guitar and they said it was painted…

    whatevder you do, i am sure it will be amazing. wish i were there to paint one too, what a great challenge!

    have fun!


    • Good to hear from you, lisa! The organizer of this fundraiser is starting to get some of the finished violins, which will be posted on Facebook. The ones that have come in so far have been painted, some with pictures, and some with patterns. I’ll post a picture when I get done with this one.

  2. I, myself, would research antique violin repair tools and shops, and add something from those for background, plus the calloused hands of an elderly man.
    If I could paint. ❤

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