Violin or Flamenco Dancer?

It is my pleasure to introduce “Camilla Serafina” who is here to dance for you.  Can you hear the haunting flamenco music?

While we are digging out after this weekend’s blizzard, she is on her way to Florida, to dance in the New Score Chamber Orchestra’s auction fundraiser.

Many thanks to my husband for his help in completing this project!

7 thoughts on “Violin or Flamenco Dancer?

  1. What a lovely idea! You are so talented.
    By the way, since you changed themes, I can’t get your whole page on my desktop computer screen unless I make it very small. I’m not sure if it’s a problem for anyone else or not. I’ll also check my laptop when I’m there again. I just thought you might want to check out how viewable it is for a few other people. I know I tried a couple themes here while back that made my page so big I couldn’t see it all at normal size, so I switched to something else. But it could be no one else is having a problem viewing the site.

  2. Actually, I seem to see the posts all right. It seems to be mostly the header photo that I can’t see well. With my screen at normal setting, I’m getting barely two thirds of your picture. I’m not complaining, but I thought you’d like to know.

      • Believe me, I understand. I’ve tried several over the past few months, and about the time I think I’ve got what I want, I realize there’s something about that theme that I don’t want to deal with or that doesn’t work for one of my projects, so I try a different one. I do like to change from time to time, but not as much as I’ve had to do recently.

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