Fish Candy!

The watercolor prompt for today is “candy”.  I looked at our assortment of candy canes, mints, and chocolates wrapped in shiny colored foils, and I wasn’t inspired.  Then I read Charlie O’Shields’ post and looked at his watercolor picture of candy – decorative ribbon candy!  But he also talked about “burying the salmon”… and I realized that my husband was coming in the door with salmon from the smoker, a delicacy my family has affectionately dubbed “fish candy” and asks to get as a Christmas present!

Fish Candy
Fish Candy, watercolor, 6″ x 6″

We learned about hard-cured smoked salmon while living in the Pacific Northwest.  The native peoples catching and curing the salmon inspired this treatment of the fish.  After brining the fish for several hours, it is smoked and cooked at a low temperature until it is cooked and firm.  Yummy!


2 thoughts on “Fish Candy!

  1. so delicious!! I know exactly what THIS tastes like too! sure wish we weren’t an ocean apart. We love you and your fish candy and your paintings!!

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