Fresh (but Awful)

The World Watercolor Group prompt for today is “Fresh” and my first thought was of freshly squeezed orange juice, but I painted oranges yesterday so I went in the opposite direction and thought of the worst thing that I have ever tasted fresh: an olive.

My family and I were in Italy and were on the Amalfi Coast, walking down from Atrani to Amalfi when we passed some olive trees in the verge between switchbacks on the trail.  There were some nice ripe purple-black olives hanging there.  My husband wondered aloud what a fresh olive would taste like.  He reached up an plucked one and then gallantly handed it to me.  Without thinking much, I popped it into my mouth.  Oh! Bitter! Bitter! This walk was less than a mile long, so we weren’t carrying water and I had to go the rest of the way with the nasty taste in my mouth.  Who ever thought of eating olives in the first place if they taste like this fresh?  I do like olives, especially the ones we bought in the Italian markets, all brined and spiced, oily and tasty, both black and green. But from now on, I will not eat fresh olives!

Fresh Olives, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

Is there anything that you don’t like when it is fresh?

5 thoughts on “Fresh (but Awful)

  1. Hooray! Someone else has had exactly the same experience! This happened to me in Greece years ago. It took ages to clear that taste. Who ever thought that fruit could make something so delicious to eat???

  2. Very interesting. I had never thought about olives tasting so different when they were fresh. Thanks for sharing the experience. Now I know and won’t make that mistake. I do love them when I buy them in a jar or a can here — black or green. I could eat dozens of them, but the green ones are soooooo salty, and I guess eating dozens isn’t too healthy.

  3. Another olive story. We honeymooned on Cyprus and found olives so cheap (they were an expensive delicacy at home) I bought half a kilo of green kalamata olives and ate all with hard goat cheese and bread. I was loaded with salt and terribly thirsty, so we spent the rest of the day asking shopkeepers alternately for drinks of water, or to use their toilet. My wife never let me live that down!

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