It’s spring in the northern hemisphere, the time of year when I find myself watching the plants spring up and the flowers start to bloom. As the flowers come on in a rush of colors, shapes and textures, so also I am in a rush to paint them. As I drive down the road, I’m making mental notes of where I see colors or contrasts. Many of them I don’t get back to, but the thoughts and inspiration help generate ideas for the pictures I end up painting.

A Profusion of Chives, watercolor, 6″ x 6″

Each year we get chives blooming in our garden, and each year I want to paint them but am often waylaid by my own inner critic, who suggests that I won’t be able to paint them as well as I have done before. I didn’t listen this year. I answered that I’m just using paint and paper and I can throw it away if it isn’t any good. Our chive flowers are actually more lavender than in this picture; I’m finding that magenta is one of my favorite colors.