While we were in Korea last month, the pear trees in my daughter’s neighborhood were in bloom. I was delighted by the contrast of the white flowers against the dark branches and the new leaves, which had a lot of red in them but were turning greener every day.

The trees had been trimmed back severely since last year. I remember seeing them with fruit on them, each pear encased in its own little paper bag while hanging on the tree. I don’t know if that was for pest control or to help them ripen faster, but it seemed like more work than I would want to do. I guess that’s why I paint trees and fruit instead of growing them!

Looking at this painting brings back so many memories of that afternoon: standing in the sun and noticing when the clouds rolled in, the little flies that kept investigating my paints, the happy sounds of the children on the playground. I was glad that I took the time to paint them when I did because they were all gone a few days later.


Asian Pear Flowers, watercolor, 3.5”x5”