Spring Migration, watercolor, 11” x 16”

We sit poised on the edge of Spring here in coastal Maryland. The daffodils and iris are pushing their long slender leaves through the soil. The maples are budding, becoming red and fluffy with stamens, in preparation for all the little whirling helicopters. The camellia bush outside our kitchen window shows pink tips poking out of the swollen buds.

The songbirds have tuned up their calls, establishing their nesting territories. The tundra swans have taken off for their nesting area in the north, and the geese are practicing their flying formations, honking noisily as they go overhead.

This watercolor was painted on a rough textured paper, which I wet completely. I squeezed some fresh paint onto the edge of a small plastic card and dragged the wet pigments over the paper, using a spray bottle to help move the pigments over the surface. The only time I used a brush was to paint in the geese after the surface had dried.