About the Artist

The Artist Doesn’t Have to Grow Up

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted two things in her life: she wanted to be an artist and she wanted to be a good mother. The little girl grew up liking to draw and paint. When she got older, she met her “Prince Charming” and married him. They had children, and the little girl (who was no longer little, but she felt like a little girl on the inside) was a good mommy. Cooking dinner each night, doing laundry, and driving four children to soccer games, swim meets, and violin lessons took precedence over drawing and painting.

Then one day, the little girl looked around and discovered that her children were driving themselves to work, washing their own clothes, and cooking their own dinners. It was time to get back to painting and drawing! Since the little girl and her prince lived near Alexandria, Virginia, she went to the Torpedo Factory. (“Do they make torpedoes there?” They used to, but now it is an art center, with studios for sculptors and painters and classes for those who wish to learn.) She studied painting with watercolors and liked it so much that she kept using watercolors, learning more and more until people started buying her art and her friends asked her to teach them how to paint with watercolors.

Now the little girl, who is still little on the inside, sells her pictures at art shows, blogs about her paintings, and teaches her friends and her grandchildren about painting with those marvelous, fluid paints.

9 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. . I was given a watercolor print by a friend at least 10-13 years ago and I believe it is one of yours. I love magnolias and was lucky to have “inherited” it. What’s funny, is I was born in DC and lived in Alexandria, VA. for a few years as a toddler.

    The print I have is only signed Bailey and appears to be very similar to the ones I am seeing here. How can I determine the age of this print?
    Thank You

    • JT, I wish it were a reproduction of one of my works, but I didn’t start making giclees of my work until about five years ago. I think this must be another artist named Bailey.

  2. Hi Ruth. This is Beverly. I took beginner watercolor classes from you from January 2015 to May 2015 when I lived in Maryland. You taught me so much but I really didn’t get to take near the amount of lessons from you that I would have liked. Unfortunately I had to move away and back to California but I painted with you until I left. I didn’t really get enough lessons to be able to paint on my own but I finally found a class near my home that teaches watercolor classes so I have picked it up again. I want to thank you for “my start”. I have my first completed Sunflower watercolor painting that is going into an art show in June. I will ALWAYS remember you and I tell people about you and my wonderful experience painting with you and Lisa in your quaint cottage on the water. I REALLY miss those times and wish I was still there. I hope all is well with you. If you still paint with Lisa please tell her “hi” for me.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I work for a small church in Keller, Texas. Every week, I try to find relevant artwork for the cover of our bulletin that follows what the preacher will preach during his/her sermon. The artwork I choose is meant to engage our parishioners on a visceral level with the sermon. I would really love to use your psalm 23 painting for our bulletin this week.

    May I have your permission to use that image on this bulletin only? We print as well as publish our bulletins on our website & I will include a link to your website and attribute the art however you would like. We do not use artwork for any advertising purposes or sales. We use the artwork simply as another way to connect to God. Here’s a link to previous bulletins. http://www.stmartininthefields.org/worship-bulletins/

    Can you please email me at the below address with your reply?

    Thank you for your consideration!

  4. Hello Ruth! My fiance and I love your watercolor Baybridge at Annapolis, MD (#70). We’re planning our wedding, and would be so delighted to use the painting as the image on our save the date. What do you think? Thanks!

    • Michael, congratulations to you and your fiance! I am honored that you would like to use my painting. Please send me an email (Ruth@RuthBaileyArt.com) and I will send you a high resolution file without a watermark for you to use. Ruth

  5. Ruth,
    I now have your painting” Summer Nights Passing” hanging in my favorite “escape room”! You couldn’t have thought of a more appropriate title.☺
    I simply can’t take my eyes off it.
    It’s a picture that wants to entice me to jump in- right there – just like it used to be, back home in Pennsylvania many years ago.
    Most of us want to return, just for awhile, and savor our childhood memories from years gone by.
    The colors that you chose give the surroundings a type of shadowy, mystical presence and you’ve captured the miracles of the firefly!!
    I want to thank you for creating a little piece of Heaven for me, if only for a little while.
    With much sincerity,
    P.S. Is there a way that I would be able to listen to the music that a symphony orchestra composed for Summer Nights Passing?

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