The Artist Doesn’t Have to Grow Up

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted two things in her life: she wanted to be an artist and she wanted to be a good mother. The little girl grew up liking to draw and paint. When she got older, she met her “Prince Charming” and married him. They had children, and the little girl (who was no longer little, but she felt like a little girl on the inside) was a good mommy. Cooking dinner each night, doing laundry, and driving four children to soccer games, swim meets, and violin lessons took precedence over drawing and painting.

Then one day, the little girl looked around and discovered that her children were driving themselves to work, washing their own clothes, and cooking their own dinners. It was time to get back to painting and drawing! Since the little girl and her prince lived near Alexandria, Virginia, she went to the Torpedo Factory. (“Do they make torpedoes there?” They used to, but now it is an art center, with studios for sculptors and painters and classes for those who wish to learn.) She studied painting with watercolors and liked it so much that she kept using watercolors, learning more and more until people started buying her art and her friends asked her to teach them how to paint with watercolors.

Now the little girl, who is still little on the inside, sells her pictures at art shows, blogs about her paintings, and teaches her friends and her grandchildren about painting with those marvelous, fluid paints.