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Hydrangeas, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

Thanks for your interest in purchasing my art. My store for purchasing art actually resides on my Squareup Store website host: squareup.com/store/ruth-bailey-art. You can purchase many of the original works, reproductions and cards I have showcased on my blog. I have also listed the art for sale on these pages. Click the images for a larger image. The blue Purchase links will take you directly to the store for viewing and purchase.

For your reassurance, Squareup is the credit card processor many merchants use for transaction processing, and is a widely recognized secure credit card processing service.  You can learn more about Squareup security at squareup.com/security.

The links below will take you my to website sale pages. You can also click the tab at the top of the page under “Purchase Ruth Bailey’s Art” to go to these pages.

Original Art


5 thoughts on “Purchase Ruth Bailey’s Art

  1. Hi Ruth, I like how you are doing daily paintings. I have just recently started doing daily drawings for an online colouring book, which I find very motivating. I am very interested to see how you’ve designed your blog for the sale of your work. Beautiful watercolour paintings by the way. The very kind Katherine Trauger referred me to you as a kind person and an amazing artist. : ) Hope you don’t mind me browsing and taking some notes on how you go about your business. All the best,

    • Welcome to my blog, WilderSoul! Please feel free to browse and get ideas – the marketing of art is something artists need to share with each other. My husband set up my website separately from the blog, but now I wish we had set one up on WordPress so that the two sites would be better integrated.

      • Thanks Ruth. Clever husband! I have a son who can help me out with creating a website using a wordpress.org blog for commercial use. I just need to figure out exactly what I want to achieve with the website. It is very helpful browsing through other artists’ websites. Thank you for your kind welcome. ~WilderSoul

  2. This is lovely, Ruth! What a deal for a 7 x 5 painting like this at $25? Amazing. You must be able to produce these really quickly, I guess. Not sure how, they are gorgeous and don’t look quick.