Today, I want to take the same sketch that I posted previously and do some evaluation.

Western View Composite Sketch, pen and ink with watercolor washes, 11" x 14"

Although I am happy with the ideas and the overall impression, there is room for improvement.

I think that the house in the center should be bigger.  Right now, the house, the porch, and the barn all occupy spaces about the same size on the page.  Making the house bigger would give some variety in size.  It would also put the chimney on the right overlapping the porch and eliminating the halo of sky that is there now.

When doing a final picture, I would spend more time on the dogwood flowers, giving them some shadows and more details.  I wanted a darker background to help them stand out, but I couldn’t figure out how to transition between the background and the sky.  Next time, I would make the edge of the dark background shape to look like more blossoms, leaves, and branches.

The pig in front on the left has his head in the grass, but this didn’t come out at clearly as I had planned.

The barn should have some hay bales and farm equipment.  Right now it is too neat.

The color washes for the sky and the grass are blotchy since I started this in pen and ink on sketchbook paper and decided to add the color directly on the sketch. Putting the final picture on watercolor paper would allow me more control in these areas.

I am wondering if there are other areas which should be addressed.  You, my readers, have been very kind and supportive in your comments and I now welcome your suggestions as to other improvements that can be made.