My 2012 in Pictures

Thanks to Sara Rosso of The Daily Post for this challenge.  This past year has held many adventures, which are now wonderful memories.

23 thoughts on “My 2012 in Pictures

    • I appreciate the reference, although my husband is trying to get me to share the online calendar that he already uses so we don’t overbook ourselves. : )

    • Thanks, Frizz. Having such an old clock in the house, still ticking away, reminds me of the past and how time passes, making my today a part of human history.

    • I am astonished, too, as I look back over this past year, at how God has allowed me to express the creativity that is a reflection of his being our Creator. And we all do this, just in different ways and at different times. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of doing it visually and making it public, through this forum and in person.

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