Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Annie and Elizabeth, watercolor, 14" x 21"
Annie and Elizabeth, watercolor, 14″ x 21″

My niece is visiting me and the Daily Press’ challenge for this week is “Carefree.” This is a picture that I painted of Annie and my daughter several years ago.  What could be more carefree than a childhood summer day at the beach, running through the waves with your favorite cousin and playing in the sand?


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

  1. Hi Aunt Rew!! I love that painting. Elizabeth is indeed my favorite. (But don’t tell the other cousins!!)

    • It often looks like the current interpretation of keeping a secret means that one can post it on a public forum like this? I guess we’ll find out which of your cousins read my blog!

      • Annie always makes me feel like a favorite. 🙂 She’s delightful! Also I know she makes my daughters feel like her favorites too! AND Mom your painting makes me feel famous!!!

    • And thank you for creating this post! I often wonder what other readers think when I post a watercolor painting on a photo challenge, but the comments I receive are encouraging.

  2. This is an incredible painting, Ruth. You chose to tackle so many “hard” things — figures and waves in particular. Here are some of the things I love about it: you did a great job of capturing the swinging fabric of the blue bathing suit; your shadows and sun spots on the figures add depth and dimensionality; great foreshortening on the legs of the girls; the posture of both girls is so believable; their hands are so realistic; your water is GREAT (waves — who would have thought painting them green when the rest of the water is blue?? but it so works!! And the negative space that creates the foam — incredible. And I LOVE the water running up on the beach with the sand showing through and the reflections of the girls); the sky is so compelling — it ties in the yellow/green theme and it’s so warm and interesting. I really could say so much more — everywhere I look on the painting I see little things that pop out.

    Question: How much of this did you paint on site and how much did you paint back in your studio? (from a photo?)

    And what color did you use for the skin tones?

    I really love this painting. Great job.

    • David, I painted all of this back in the studio from a photo. My niece wants to see the original photo, so I am searching for it, and will post all the iterations of this painting when I find it. (photo – drawing – first painting which is at my mom’s house, this painting which my sister has)
      I don’t remember what I used for the skin tones, but my guess is cadmium red and yellow ochre with a touch of cerulean in the shadows.

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