Mist in the Mountains

Mist in the Mountains, watercolor, 5" x 7"
Mist in the Mountains, watercolor, 5″ x 7″

I’ve been working on commissions recently, the most time-consuming being a gift, so I can’t post it.  But I have been painting.  Here is painting of an imaginary place in the mountains, with the sun just beginning to break through the mist.

9 thoughts on “Mist in the Mountains

  1. I love the mystery of the fog in the mountains. I would guess that those are the Smokey Mountains, but the Fir trees make me think this is a West Coast scene? Either way, very fine piece!

    • Thanks, daezle. I can see why you would guess both places. But, alas, you will find this location only in the imagination, not on any geographical map.

  2. i was thinking about you yesterday!

    nice soothing painting – it looks like a great place to step in via imagination — and it doesn’t have the essence of polar vortex!!!! z


    • The polar vortex has visited us here – and left us a gift of several inches of snow, which means that I’m painting inside these days! Thanks for your comment.

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