An Unusual Tree

A Tree of a Different Color, watercolor, 7" x 5"
A Tree of a Different Color, watercolor, 7″ x 5″

One of my students likes the splatter trees that I have been doing, but she wanted to keep the leaves in clusters of more discreet colors.  So we started experimenting and came up with this tree of unusually colored leaves (and a few watercolor drips).

I painted the leaf clusters first and let them dry.  Then I mixed up a dark color for the trunk and grew the trunk and branches amongst the leaf clusters, going behind the lighter areas so that they come forward and going through the holes in the tree and over the darker areas in the leaf clusters.

I’m guessing that this might be an autumn tree since the leaves are falling on the ground and some of the branches are starting to get bare.

What colors have you seen in leaves recently?

8 thoughts on “An Unusual Tree

    • I’m glad that my friends give me the same grace that you give that crab apple tree: to enjoy me when I am amazing and put up with me the rest of the time when I am not so great. (I try hard not to be absolutely terrible!)

      • haha, I love my crab apple tree, it really is quite a sight, so colourful though my garden now is full of rotten apples which is never a good look! So many times it’s come close to getting the chop but not on my watch!

        I really like your paintings, I wish I could draw or paint but that really is a non-starter haha

  1. Green… only shades of green. 😦 I live in florida and have never even really seen the leaves change. But your tree is so awesome… and it makes me smile.

    • I have lived in Florida and I know what you mean. The changing leaves here is a glimpse of glory that helps take me through the chill of winter until the trees and flowers burst with growth again.

  2. Such a beautiful tree. Since moving to New York from Sydney (where we don’t get much seasonal leaves changing color), I have such an appreciation for Autumn colors.

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