Severn River Sailing, Watercolor, 7.5" x 21"

Since our hobby is sailing, here is a picture of many people indulging in sailing (but not us!  I was on the shore taking the reference photo.)   However, we often get out in our sailboat, the Cay of Sea.  My husband’s last job was stressful, so an overnight getaway was important.  I would often pick him up on Friday after lunch and we would head to the Maryland shore of the Chesapeake Bay, our destination determined by which way the wind was blowing.  When he retired, we moved to a rental house at the marina where our boat has been kept.  We no longer have an hour’s drive before indulging in sailing, just a walk on the pier outside the back door!  Our boat is currently out of the water for the winter, but we are looking forward to many trips on the Chesapeake this summer.

My husband will be writing about our sailing adventures; if you’d like to follow along, please visit his blog: